First Time Landlords

The next step in our journey has begun! Follow along over at our family blog, The View from Hillview, to see our adventure unfold.

The View from Hillview

landlord picThere have been so many firsts for The Carmichael Clan over the past 6 months.

First time we’ve taken the girls overseas. The first time the girls have seen Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, and The Harry Potter Studios. And the first time we’ve both rented a house and became landlords; almost at the exact same moment.

It was actually easier to find a house in Hertford than it was to choose a tenant for our own Wildwood Park home. Maybe because there were only 13 houses available to rent in the entire Hertford town proper (and we viewed each one), or perhaps because we fell in love with the first Hertford home we saw. More likely it was because we were throwing caution to the wind and embracing that adventurous spirit that drove us to make such a big move to the U.K.

Our home in Our home in “The Park.”

What I…

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